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2020 Ristretto Shorts

Online Screenings - Available throughout October
Saturday, October 31, 2020
6:00 pm
$30 General Admission (Includes All 15 Shorts)


World Sales


Plastic Love, by Thomas Morelli
Italy, 2020, 13 minutes

A mysterious man is hiding a secret in a town in Italy on a beautiful lake. Two young siblings are determined to unveil the truth…

Idda, by Salvatore Sclafani
Italy, 2019, 14 minutes

A few weeks before her wedding, a young woman reunites with her female cousin, and an old attraction is still in the air.
In Italian with English Subtitles.

Rebirth, by Eleonora Privitera
Italy, 2020, 21 minutes

Grazia and Vincenzo have rooted their lives in a passionate love for more than 40 years. Suddenly everything changes when the repercussions of Vincenzo’s cancer leaves Grazia struggling to just get them through the day.
In Italian with English Subtitles.

Air of Elba, by Michael Monni, Matteo Sardi
Italy, 2019, 28 minutes

Alfredo is a simple young guy who lives on the Island of Elba, with the bizarre dream of becoming a successful inventor.
In Italian with English Subtitles.

Nature’s Crime (Delitto naturale), by Valentina Bertuzzi
Italy, 2019, 15 minutes

When Aida’s best friend, Lola, goes missing from class, Aida tries to find her and discovers parts of their school that would be better off if they were left alone…

Matilde’s First Day (Il primo giorno di Matilde), by Rosario Capozzolo
Italy, 2019, 10 minutes

Today is Matilde’s first day of school. Her father, Claudio, is supposed to take her, but he doesn’t show up. Her grandfather decides to walk Matilde, but then Claudio joins them to talk with her about something important.
In Italian with English Subtitles.

The World Cup in a Square (Il mondiale in piazza), by Vito Palmieri
Italy, 2018, 15 minutes

November 2017: The Italian national soccer team does not qualify for the 2018 World Cup. In the deep South of Italy, a group of football fans decide to set up a parallel yet local “World Cup” event to be played right in their hometown square. Italy will compete against another national team made up by immigrants who feel 100% Italian. We will see which team will prevail!
In Italian with English Subtitles.

Our concert (Il nostro concerto), by Francesco Piras
Italy, 2019, 15 minutes

Antonio is an eccentric retiree who lives alone in an apartment in the center of Cagliari. He spends his days in an online chat room, where he sings classic Italian songs. There he meets Karen, a German pianist, and they become friends. But Karen is hiding a secret.
In Italian with English Subtitles.

The Load (Il fagotto), by Giulia Giapponesi
Italy, 2019, 15 minutes

The declining population is making towns disappear. The government is pressing measures and women who don’t contribute to the demographic future of the country are seen as a problem. Bianca and Vittoria are at the opposite end of their fertile years. Their encounter forces them to choose the direction of their future.
In Italian with English Subtitles.

Pizza Boy, by Gianluca Zonta
Italy, 2019, 15 minutes

Saba, from Georgia, works as a pizza delivery boy in Bologna. During his evening shift he receives an important phone call: his son is about to be born. Forced to finish his deliveries, Saba frantically tears through the city, hoping to be at the hospital on time.
In Italian with English Subtitles.

Scena madre, by Giuseppe Zampella
Italy, 2019, 15 minutes

In an underground theater, Sara is rehearsing a monologue, while outside the theater, a mysterious woman seems to be keeping Sara in check. In a state of stage panic, Sara will try to tell everyone who she really is.
In Italian with English Subtitles.

Thunderbolts and Lightning Strikes (Fulmini e saette), by Daniele Lince
Italy, 2019, 6 minutes

The Lightning Woman can move at supersonic speed and teleport, watching over the city and its inhabitants. But to face everyday life, sometimes superpowers are not enough.
In Italian with English Subtitles.

When in Rome (Paese che vai), by Luca Padrini
Italy, 2020, 11 minutes

In a small town in the countryside, young and handsome Alfredo comes back home after a long time away, along with his friend Mattia, an African American man. After meeting Alfredo’s grandmother, the sweet and crazy Donna Maria, the two go see Alfredo’s father, Sor Pucci. Alfredo wants to talk to his old-fashioned father about his secret…
In Italian with English Subtitles.

Rifugi, by Luca Cutini
Italy, 2019, 15 minutes

Italy between 1943 and 1944: Many Italian cities are bombed by the US Air Force. To protect themselves from the raids, hundreds of men, women, and children are forced to take refuge in the underground tunnels of a small town. Some men organize expeditions looking for supplies for the community, putting their lives at risk. 
In Italian with English Subtitles.

Burner of Ships, by Leonardo Campaner
Italy, 2019, 20 minutes

When fourteen-year-old Nausicaa’s bourgeois parents welcome a young migrant into their home in the Italian countryside, she develops an infatuation for the new guest.
In Italian with English Subtitles.


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