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April 5, 2020

SDIFF Earth Day Celebration Goes Online!

We’ll offer four extraordinary short films on climate change, followed by a panel with an artist and a scientist. Human-induced climate change threatens the survival of every species on Earth. If emissions continue at their current rate, scientists anticipate widespread coastal land loss, agricultural and economic collapse, food and water shortages, frequent and severe natural disasters, and unprecedented refugee crises. What can we do today in response to this global emergency?

The films:

Plastic River, by Manuel Camia (15’)
Every year, Tiberio paddles his kayak in the lakes and rivers of Lombardy in a contemplative journey through beautiful landscape increasingly littered with plastic. This is the simple story of a boy who finds the traces left behind by humans and cleans up the sites that were once clean.

The Boy Who Stopped Breathing, by Daniele Lince (12’)
(Il ragazzo che smise di respirare)
Eleven-year-old Max is obsessed with air pollution. He decides to stop breathing; or at least, he wants to do it as little as possible, to live longer... can he do it?

Mud Angels Recovered: FSU’s First Year in Florence, by Breanna Bruner (17’)
On the night of November 4, 1966, the Arno River overflowed its banks, reaching 10 feet above street level and filling many of Florence’s historic streets, museums, churches, and libraries with mud. After the disaster, visiting Florida State University students elected to stay in the city, in the most uncomfortable conditions, and assist with the massive spontaneous cleanup effort.

The Climate Limbo, by  Francesco Ferri, Paolo Caselli (40’)
Through the accounts of Queen, who fled Nigeria due to oil-related environmental damage; Rubel, who escaped the floods in Bangladesh; and Francesco, Luigi and Carlotta, Italian farmers facing desertification and biodiversity loss in Italy, the film documents climate change-induced migration.

After the screenings:
Panel with SDIFF Executive Director Diana Agostini; SDIFF Artistic Director Antonio Iannotta; Art Curator Tatiana Sizonenko; Professor of Urban Studies and Planning Program at UC San Diego Oscar Romo; and Alexander Gershunov, PhD, Research Meteorologist and Senior Lecturer in Climate Sciences; Climate, Atmospheric Science and Physical Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego.

This web event is a ticketed event. Tickets are $8 each and may be purchased at Ticket holders will receive a link and a password to view the event online.

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