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October 2, 2018

Live Jazz Performance precedes “Paolo Fresu — Il tempo di un viaggio” (Paolo Fresu — A Jazz Journey)

Join us for a screening of “Il tempo di un viaggio,” a close encounter with Paolo Fresu, composer, jazz trumpet player, and flicornist of extraordinary and widely recognized talent. The film is a journey inside Fresu’s world, from the attachment to his native Sardinia to his first musical ventures, from his passion for Miles Davis to his formative stay in Paris, and from collaborations with musicians of every nationality and extraction to the cinema and theatrical experiences with Ermanno Olmi or Stefano Benni.

Our new music producer, Rosario Monetti, will introduce the film and show a short video from Paolo Fresu himself. Jazz singers Giovanna Gattuso and Valentina Ranalli (coming from Italy!) and pianist Jim Bianchi will perform a tribute to Paolo Fresu.

Thursday, August 16, 2018
Jazz performance at 7:30pm
Film begins at 8:00pm

Museum of Photographic Arts, Balboa Park, San Diego
Tickets: $12 General Admission; $8 Members, Students & Active Military
Available online or at the door

“The journey of the title of this film is the one in music, understood as a passion that runs parallel to the beating of the heart, as if it were an alternative way of breathing or being in the world,” says San Diego Italian Film Festival Music Producer Rosario Monetti. “It is not by chance that the montage takes on a deliberately jazzy rhythm, relaxed in its alternating before and after, thus escaping the chronological line cage through several interviews and staging and poetic sequences.”

In his portrait, director Roberto Minini-Meròt collects statements from Fresu’s friends, fellow musicians, and artists who have worked and worked with the trumpet player, nurturing the secret ambition to deliver this tribute. The goal is not only to portray a specific musician, but to describe that fascinating bond that connects man to the most universal language of any other—the music.