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November 26, 2020


In late March this year, multiple meetings took place at SDIFF, both with our staff and with our board. Among the many questions left unanswered there was one that lingered heavily in our minds and in our hearts: is the San Diego Italian Film Festival going to survive this situation?

We were not sure we would be able to host our 14th feStivale, we didn’t know how to continue screening movies or whether our presence in the arts scene in our city was essential but for us. There was only one way to find the answers to these questions, and that was by exercising our talents and creativity and bringing up the resilience that our extremely diverse team brings to the table. Well, the answers left us in awe and filled our spirits with gratitude.

What became clear is that what the San Diego Italian Film Festival means to many is exactly what we have worked hard for many years to build: community. And you all showed up in our piazza to show us that our mission is now more than ever relevant and meaningful to you.

Grateful for our team who went above and beyond driven by their passion and the ties we created with each other.
Grateful for our Board and our leadership who believed in us accomplishing something unthinkable for such a small organization.
Grateful for our partners and our friends in San Diego, around the US, and in Italy who energized our collaborative efforts.
Grateful for our members who always show up with trust and a thirst for great conversations.
Grateful for our sponsors and funders who recognize the importance of our work and make this possible.
Grateful for the power of the arts that connects us to one another bringing to the surface our primordial human need for expression.

For this and more on this day of reflection, we say Grazie.

Diana Agostini
Executive Director