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September 6, 2019

SDIFF Welcomes Diana Agostini as Executive Director

Diana and Victor will continue to work closely together on planning. “The objective is to further development and increase programming, not only in cinema but also in other arts as well as community affairs,” Victor says. “This promotion is not only well-deserved, but will give Diana more freedom as a powerful force for our mission.”

Diana Agostini began her work in the nonprofit education sector long before moving to San Diego in 2012. Her background in International Cooperation had her traveling the world working on national and international projects for NGOs and smaller nonprofits. In 2013 Diana joined SDIFF, where she combines her passion for cultural studies to the one for the arts, trying to find creative ways to promote critical thinking and inclusion. When not working on all things SDIFF, you can find her recruiting MBA students for the University of San Diego or running on trails. Diana holds an Executive Master in Management from SDA Bocconi School of Management, a Master's in International Development, and a Bachelor's in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation.

“SDIFF started 13 years ago as a small gathering of people interested in Italian cinema, and through the years has become an important player in the artistic scene of our city,” says Diana. “We worked hard to create solid partnerships with other arts and cultural organizations in San Diego, and with Italian organizations both across the state and in Italy, and this is because we believe in the power of community engagement.

“We have an incredibly talented team of professionals who are passionate about our mission and ready to take on these new challenges. With everything that is going on in the world, people naturally tend to find comfort in the arts both as users and as producers. SDIFF will continue to support a human need to express meaning through the arts, not just for pleasure but for mutual understanding of the other.

We invite you to congratulate Diana in person when you see her at the next SDIFF film or event!