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2022 Ristretto Shorts

Online Screenings - Available throughout October
Monday, October 31, 2022
6:00 pm
$30 General Admission (Includes All 15 Shorts)
$25 for SDIFF Members


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Remnants of Memory, by Michael Arlen Davis
Italy, 2021, 20'
Fine Art Photographer Charles Johnstone explores the vivid canals and ancient passageways of Venice, Italy in search of a new book project. A meditation on artistry and craft, "Remnants of Memory" celebrates beauty in the overlooked, anonymous objects we pass every day.

Distanza Zero, by Pier Glionna
Italy, 2020, 7'
Dario is a young rider who delivers food delivery. During a delivery he meets Sara and falls in love. Their story is interrupted by the lack of security of the rider's life.

Heirloom, by Michela Maria
Italy, 2022, 28'
Heirloom tells the story of a mother and daughter who set out to discover why Italian Americans love to garden. Along their journey, they meet notable members of the Italian American community (like Isabella Rossellini), and even travel to Italy itself.

Bertie mi ha scritto una poesia (Bertie Wrote Me a Poem), by Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa
Italy, 2021, 15'
2005. Vittoria, fifteen-year-old, after having sex for the first time, secretly goes to the hospital to take the morning after pill. In the long and tedious hospital process, Vittoria struggles to keep a difficult secret.

ReImagine, by Gianluca Mangiasciutti
Italy, 2021, 12'
A biomedical researcher, marked in childhood by the premature death of his mother, will dedicate all of himself to save the lives of others: in the effort to give people a better future he will also be able to reimagine his own past.

Giusto il Tempo per una Sigaretta (End of September), by Valentina Casadei
Italy, 2020, 15'
Christian tries in every way to bring his younger brother Giulio to school. An easy thing for most, but not for them, who don't know their father and whose mother is an alcoholic. In addition to this, Christian is a bricklayer and has to start work at the same time his brother has to start school.

Cromosoma X, by Lucia Bulgheroni
Italy, 2021, 9'
During their office break, Rich and his colleagues joke about a new female colleague by commenting on some of her photos with macho allusions and jokes. A pink smoke bomb launched by some feminist protesters enters the office window and hits Rich, who is thus catapulted into a deep and hellish dream.

Cinemari, by Julian Civiero
Italy, 2021, 29'
A documentary that follows the journey of cinema in rural Italy. In the 1940s and 50s in Abruzzo, long before television arrived in small villages, the CINEMARI were the men who brought outdoor cinema, ‘il cinema in piazza’, to the village festival.

Light Incredibly Light, by Antimo Campanile
Italy, 2021, 15'
The life of a lonely and melancholy old man is turned upside down by the encounter with a visually impaired child.

Tutù, by Lorenzo Tiberia
Italy, 2021, 15'
A small town in southern Italy is shaken by the death of Maria La Torre, a very young dancer who died of anorexia. Ester, a classmate for whom Maria represented an ideal of beauty and talent suffered the loss the most. As if tied by an invisible thread, Ester seems destined for the same fate as her friend.

L'avversario, by Federico Russotto
Italy, 2021, 17'
Aureliano e Simone seem to belong to different planets. They don’t speak much, their common language is fencing. With each lunge they will test their talent and loyalty.

Amarena, by Alberto Palmiero
Italy, 2021, 14'
40 year-old fisherman Elio has to meet with lawyer and ex-wife Maddalena in order to sign the last divorce papers. A detail about her will force him to deal with his feelings.

Notte Romana (Roman Nights), by Valerio Ferrara
Italy, 2021, 12'
In an upper-class neighborhood of Rome, Paolo is having a drink with his friends, as per usual. When he decides to go home, he is approached by two dodgy looking guys. Gioacchino, one of the two guys, is immediately very aggressive towards Paolo. He has been looking for him for the last three months, and now he has finally found him. An impossible love story between people who come from different backgrounds. A love story born in the summer days and which ends on a warm winter’s night.

Gita di Famiglia, by Francesco Della Ventura
Italy, 2021, 18'
Pietro takes his family out to lunch. His wife and daughter don’t imagine that the choice of the restaurant is not accidental. Olga, Pietro's lover, with whom he hasn't spoken in a month, works there. Pietro is willing to risk his whole life to make things right between the two of them.

August, After All., by Francesca Pagani
Italy, 2021, 6'
A neurotic old man fears loneliness when his dog disappears on a late Summer morning. On one side, the man feels free from his dog’s responsibility, while on the other he's terrorized to not find him again.

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