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Mozzarella Stories

  • Director: Edoardo De Angelis
  • Cast: Gianpaolo Fabrizio (Ciccio "DOP"), Sofia (Luisa Ranieri), Angelo (Massimiliano Gallo), Ragioniere (Andrea Renzi), Dudo (Massimiliano Rossi), Autilia (Aida Turturro)
  • Year: 2011
  • Duration: 103 minutes
  • Tickets: Online and Location
  • Cost: $14.00 at the door. Save through Early Bird purchase online – members $11, all others $12. Deadline for Early Bird specials is Oct. 27.

Feeding on a cinema made of strong images, part classic Italian comedy and part 70s genre crime stories, the film runs a fun “mozzarella mambo” with incredible plots.

Ciccio “DOP”, the King of Mozzarella, triumphantly comes back to Caserta (near Napoli) to re-possess its historic dairy consortium. He has just served a prison sentence for killing a competitor with a buffalo sinew whip, and he is eager to return to his everyday life.

Over time, his empire faces danger because of Chinese competition that can provide a first-rate mozzarella at half the price of Ciccio’s dairy. Bankruptcy looms and exacerbates its typical illegal entrepreneurial methods. Extortion, threats, and bribery increase exponentially.

The movie explores a world full of irony, blending stories of dairies and local mafia (Camorra), with many characters, played convincingly, involved in parallel narratives. The opening, with all the energy, color and choreography of a Baz Luhrman special, dazzles while magically spinning the introductions to all the stories, characters and wild images, from a splashy pool party to French Spangles the favorite buffala to a rain of mozzarella. Here fictional Italian-American characters mix in a fantasy circus, like a kitschy and colorful Emir Kusturica movie (the famous director is also the executive producer of the film), with a hint of grotesque violence and some surreal comedy, deftly blending elements from genre crime movies and Italian comedies.  The send-up is wild, the sentiment is outrageous, the movie itself a whirl of shock and laughter.

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