feStivale 2013

SDIFF Announces feStivale 2013!

San Diego Italian Film Festival announces feStivale 2013, October 18th – November 2nd.

FeStivale 2013 will bring to San Diego fourteen of Italy’s finest films of 2013, as well as an array of its most cherished cultural gifts: opera, music, delicious cuisine, and a line-up of great talent.

Italian musical ensemble Khaossia will make its west coast appearance in San Diego with two shows of their unique brand of music, dance, narrative and film.  Acclaimed actress and director Maria Grazia Cucinotta, star of Il postino, will give SDIFF audiences the US premier of her film, a romantic comedy satire about early films. A focus on documentary film distinguishes feStivale 2013, with special events showcasing films by Italian directors living outside Italy; directors Marco Bertozzi and Paul Tana will discuss the movies with audience.

Special guest Maria Grazia Cucinotta will be honored at the beautiful new Downtown Library, and Documentary Directors Marco Bertozzi and Paul Tana will be guests of honor at a reception at the University of San Diego.  The Gala provides a perfect setting for a visit from Francesco Bruni, award-winning director of Scialla (Easy), which will be screened at the event.


October 10, celebrating Giuseppe Verdi’s birthday, RAI-Italia– produced cinematic renditions of two famous operas (with subtitles)

RIGOLETTO, musical director, Z. Mehta; starring Placido Domingo, Julia Novikova -filmed on location in Mantova

LA TRAVIATA, musical director Z. Mehta; starring Eteri Gvazava, Jose Cura


October 19 & 20, in partnership with Regione Puglia and the Center for Jewish Culture: KHAOSSIA performs new music, combining narrative, dances, and music from ancient Pugliese traditions.


October 24 through November 1, in partnership with the Museum of Photographic Arts and the new Central Library

-Opening film, October 24, Cesare deve morire

-Other films: Benvenuto Presidente, La megliore offerta, Benur, Reality, Scialla, other 2013 films for their premiere showing

-Spotlight on Maria Grazia Cucinotta, heralded actor/director October 25 and 26 with two two US premieres of her films at the new Central Library Theater

-Documentary Program, October 27 and 28, curated by director Marco Bertozzi and Professor Pasquale Verdicchio: Armando e la politica, Videocracy, L’argent raconte’ aux enfants, Ricordati di noi; Directors Marco Bertozzi and Paul Tana

-October 27 in partnership with new Central Library, three films; -October 28 in partnership with Italian Studies, University of San Diego. Conference and reception to follow at USD.


October 26, 28 and November 2 -Reception for Maria Grazia Cucinotta in Special Events Room, Central Library, October 26 -Reception for Documentary Directors University of San Diego, October 28

Gala, November 2, Special Guest Francesco Bruni, director of Scialla, followed by the screening