Sunday, October 20, 2013   |   6:30 PM

KHAOSSIA: Volare! Italian Folk Music

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  • Cost: $14 at door, $10 Students and Military with ID, Early Bird purchase online: Members $11, all others $12. Deadline for Early Bird special is Oct. 17.

Presented by the Italian Cultural Center

This music ushered in marriages, births, harvests.  It cured young women.  It celebrated life and mourned the pains of life.  It emerges from the deep well of history in a part of Europe that was the cross-roads for people around the Mediterranean, a meeting point for commerce, art and war, a place now called Puglia, Italy. Almost every people and culture within a thousand miles left there a cultural imprint in melody.

Here are parts of tunes from Celtic, Greek, Arabic and Jewish traditions.  There are hints of Byzantium, and north Africa, all close, all connected, all now part of this area of southern Italy.

And the music is joyful, even when it tells a sad story.  This is a fun night, with musicians, troubadours really, putting all their passion and talents to work for you.  It’s a rare opportunity, a gift from the Italian state of Puglia, to listen to their folk music done to perfection by Italian musicians who really know their stuff.

It’s a great venue, at the east end of Adams Avenue where it connects with College Avenue. Free parking in front of the hall.  It will be a great night.

With additional support of the House of Italy.

Adams Hall

Adams Hall
6109 Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92115
T: (619) 287-4747

Regione Puglia
Universita del Salento
Center for World Music

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