Apr 18

Food as Social Connector: The Cucina Migrante Experience

by Tiffany Froese

Francesco and Adisa of Cucina Migrante are people after SDIFF’s own heart.  What they do with their food events is what we aim to do with our film events – connect people through the celebration of cultural diversity.  We’re proud to have them as partners for our Bella Vita Earth Day Celebration.  Read on to learn more about the very special organization that is Cucina Migrante.




Food as Social Connector: The Cucina Migrante Experience

By Paola Richard

Have you ever thought that Castelvetrano olives, homemade Bruschettas with black Russian tomatoes, and raw zucchini spaghetti with wild arugula and spinach pesto could be a cultural connector? Francesco and Adisa founders of Cucina Migrante strongly believe so.

“Food is the ultimate human connector”, explains Francesco Bonsinetto, long time traveler, Architect and now Sicilian Chef in San Diego for the past four years. Francesco is the founder together with Adisa Ziric of Cucina Migrante, a wandering cooking project to build a community of people who, like them, value social interaction, traveling, and great food.

After journeying through Asia, Africa, and Spain, Francesco spent five years in Boston, always keeping alive the connection between
continents and his deep-seated Sicilian culinary tradition.  Adisa landed in California from Bosnia 20 years ago. Her dedication to travel, cultures and people translates to events and dinners that embrace diversity, multicultural conversations and fascinating exchanges.

Their goal is to “Take inspiration from the wonder of Mediterranean food and world cultures to offer creative social adventures. Whether sitting around a beautiful dinner table or out on an exploration tour, they connect people – from California to Italy – with unforgettable experiences and each other.”

In San Diego, Cucina Migrante now offers revisited Sicilian culinary food-scapes for social events, private dinners, supper clubs, and parties. As the food becomes a catalyst of interaction, the mix of culturally diverse human recipes can animate the heart of the conversation of any event. The idea is to share food and good times through “migrating” locations, cities and countries, as a world in movement should be according to their philosophy.

Some wonderful Sicilian bounties, prepared by Francesco and Adisa, will ignite the evening of the San Diego Italian Film Festival Bella Vita/Earth Day Fundraiser on April 22nd at La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas.

And food can do good: Francesco and Adisa also support health and food preparation education for foster children in California and Mexico. A portion of proceeds from some of their events is dedicated to this effort.

Find their story, more events, and initiatives at CucinaMigrante.com

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