Sep 9

feStivale 2015 is coming up!

by Elena Incardona

9th Annual feStivale is coming up!

It doesn’t seem possible….
…but it is – the 9th annual feStivale is right around the corner!

And it is the best line-up ever. The selection required over a year’s worth of work and intense discussion, and you get to share and treasure every moment!

So what’s special about this one?

The range – great comedies, tense dramas, creative documentaries …

…the power – directors at the top of their game, actors with indelible performances, scripts that are touching, sincere and above all…Italian…

…the human sensibility in an Italian crucible.

L’Arbitro…probably the most unusual soccer film you’ve ever seen, no make that the most unusual sports film you’ve ever seen – pure art, pure culture, pure blood sport… but not just on the playing field!

Il nome del figlio…a major artistic and psychological breakthrough in telling a “family” story.

Zoran, Il mio nipote scemo…a comedy completely immersed in the character of the place and persons, a wonder of acting and story-telling.

And there are many more. Plus two launch parties that promise great socializing and fun…
And the best party in town…the SDIFF Gala!

Make your plans now, check out the offerings, become a member, and get set for a great time at the San Diego Italian Film Festival.

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